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    Hi I am trying to piece together my Dads war years I know very little as he never really spoke to me about it (not suprisingly), I must add he is still alive but not well, and has lost most of his memories of his war years.
    His details what I know are as follows;
    Joeseph (Joe) charles Sutton.
    dob 30/11/1920.
    Army no; 6399816.
    joined the Royal Sussex Regt 8/7/1938.
    Transfered to the Royal Linconshire Regt 30/9/1942.
    Joined/transfered to the Palastine Police Force 3/2/1944 and remained there untill 1/3/1947.
    I can recall he mentioned being at Dunkirk but not bieng brought back via Dunkirk. Also that he was a small arms instructor at Bradford!!! but not sure on this. any help would be gratefully recived thanks Ian Sutton (son).
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    Hi Ian !

    Have you found out which battalion your Dad was in ?? .... heres a bit of background of the Royal Sussex !

    At the outbreak of the second World War the 1st Battalion was in Egypt where it joined the 4th Indian Division with whom it would serve throughout the War. It saw action in Eritrea, Abyssinia before taking part in the campaigns of the Western Desert serving with distinction at Sidi Omar, November 1941. The 1st Battalion was involved in the pursuit and final defeat of the Germans in North Africa before sailing to Italy where it was involved in the bitter fighting at Monte Cassino. At the end of November 1944 the 1st Battalion was sent to Greece to aid the newly restored government.
    The second battalion was stationed in Ireland at the outbreak of hostilities but was soon in England where it joined the 4th and 5th Battalions of a rapidly expanding Regiment. These three Battalions were formed into a "Royal Sussex Brigade" which was in France in the Spring of 1940 and therefore fought through the "Dunkirk" evacuation. After Dunkirk the Royal Sussex Brigade was sent to North Africa fighting at Alam Halfa and El Alamein. Following El Alamein the second Battalion was formed into the 10th Parachute Battalion ( and returned home) while a new 2nd Battalion was raised joined the 4th and 5th Battalions in a posting to Iraq and Persia (A forgotten theatre of the Second World War), where the Brigade remained until the end of the War.
    The 9th Battalion fought at Arakan and from there airlifted to Myitkyina in Burma fighting its way to Mandalay against bitter and determined Japanese resistance. It finally reached its destination in April 1945 where it heard the news of the Japanese surrender.

    And heres the Royal Linconshire Regt

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