Jesse N Funk - Brave Stretcher Bearer

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    Rank and Organization: Private First Class, U.S. Army, Company L, 354th Infantry, 89th Division. Place and Date: Near Bois-deBantheville, France, 31 October 1918. Entered Service At: Calhan, Colo. Born: 20 August 1888, New Hampton, Mo. G. O. No.: 20, W.D., 1919.

    Learning that 2 daylight patrols had been caught out in No Man's Land and were unable to return, Pfc. Funk and another stretcher bearer, upon their own initiative, made 2 trips 500 yards beyond our lines, under constant machinegun fire, and rescued 2 wounded officers.

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    Born - Aug. 20, 1888 ....... Died Mar. 21, 1933

    New York Times February 5 1919 Wednesday Page 7

    WASHINGTON, Feb. 4.-The award of forty-one Congressional Medals of Hanor, America's highest military decoration, which previously had been given to only three men for service in the great war, was announced today by the War Department. Two lists of awards were issued, one bearing the names of two officers and nineteen enlisted men and the other those of eight officers and twelve enlisted men.

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