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    Do you think the so called "invasion" of Iraq under President Bush 43 was a good or bad idea? Do you think it's done more good or bad? Do you think it has fatally ruined America's foreign policy reputation or do you think Iraq will eventually succeed?
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    I vote BAD. It was a bad idea to begin, and it was poorly administered by having the American administrators of civilian programmes chosen by the Heritage Foundation. Then is was insane to finance the whole show "off the books" as Junior Bush did.

    In effect we took a functioning and stable government and economy and destablized it. Sadam Hussein was a US Client during the Reagan administration. He bought military equipment and chemical weapons from our chief salesman Donald Wolfowitz, who later was the US Secretary of Defense for Junior Bush.
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    I still think it was the right decision. Poor executed, but I think Sadaam was a genuinely evil man. I think the country will be better off in the long run having deposed of him. They are definitely going through some growing pains but hopefully they'll get straightened out.
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    NASA, we have a problem. Other than knowing that just about everything we have our fingers into lately, including vietnam, has been politically motivated with a whole lot of tug money pulling at politicians hearts.
    Other than oil, I do not know why Sadam tried to take Kuwait. I do not know why Sadam gassed his own people except maybe they were a different tribe. I do not know if Sadam and Bin Ladin were kissin' cousins concerning 9/11.
    Other than oil I do not know why we helped Kuwait against the invasion directed by Sadam. I do not know why we got upset if it is common practice in the Middle East for dictators to kill off entire groups of people that might be politically against them. If it is, then allow them to do what they do best I.e. Make prayer rugs, drill for oil and killing each other.
    If Sadam was sleeping around with Bin Ladin, we should have gotten the politics out of it and allowed our military to do what they know how to do. After which we open up a new type of Atlantic City.
    It sounds like I am making light of it. I am actually very serious. I do not know the answer to the question! But, since we were there and soldiers lives were taken and some totally screwed up, we should have finished the job, as well we should do so in Afghanistan also.
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    Preacherbob, realizing that you do not know something is the first step toward wisdom -- at least you recognize that there is something to know.

    I used to know someof the answers to some of the questions you pose. For one thing: Sadam H. and Osama ibn L. did not get along. They were from opposing factions; they would never have co-operated.

    Sadam chose to invade Kuwait because of reasons we may never understand, but it is generally understood that as a former client of the US he took great stock in what he heard coming from Washington, D.C. And he heard, or thought he heard, that prior to the invasion of Kuwait his plans for annexation were green-lighted by the US. Sorry, I can not cite the classified reports, but you may find this information if you dig into the Web.

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