Iranian ballistic missiles

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  1. Vladimir

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    Iran does not possess any ICBMs (Inter-continental ballistic missiles), but they have developed a number of medium and short range ballistic missiles. Here are some of them:

    Short range rockets:


    Short and Medium range missiles:

  2. vashstampede

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    I don't know why everyone is making a big deal about Iranian missiles. Sure, western media propaganda keeps saying Iran is "dangerous". But look at the reality, they never attacked anyone in the last 500 years. They've always been a victim in the last a few centuries.
    In 1953, their democratically elected president was overthrew by CIA. A puppet KING was put in place. Almost all Iranian oil contracts were given to American oil companies, and American oil companies pretty much owned entire Iranian oil. When Iranian overthrew the KING (who was ruling with iron hand while being a puppet of the U.S. who sold out his own country), someone most Americans think "the longest hostage situation in history" was the cause of everything... they can't be more wrong. It was a reaction, not a cause.
    Poor Iran has been on the enemy list of the U.S. ever since.
    Endless sanctions, armed Saddam to invade Iran, sold Saddam chemical weapons and short ranged missiles to use against Iran, directly sunk half the Iranian navy when Saddam was about to lose, shot down Iranian commercial airline...etc.
  3. Vladimir

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    Vash, I agree with you on this.

    Iran is a modern Islamic nation, unlike those stone age Wahabbi sheikhs who live in Saudi Arabia and Yemen. The main reason why the US is provoking Iran is because of its huge oil wealth, and not because of its nuclear program.

    One reason why the Western critics are blasting the Putin regime is because he had kicked out the US backed oligarchs like Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Same is the case with Iran.

    US oil companies have destroyed the local ecology and harmed the local population wherever they went. They killed unarmed indigenous people in Ecuador and Peru, and they destroyed the environment in Nigeria and the Gulf of Mexico. These companies have accumulated hundreds of billions of dollars in profit, but at the same time never spends a dime on the protection of the environment.

    No self-respecting nation will allow the US oil companies in its soil.
  4. skyblue

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    Poor Iran?? I disagree with both of you. Iran is sponsoring Islamic terrorism across the globe and it's nuclear ambitions are dangerous to all within their range. It persecutes it's own people, if they do not tow the line of the Islamic theocratic government.

    We should have supported the Iranian people during their up-rising, in my opinion. Iran is officially still at war with the USA, for goodness sakes! I am glad they don't have better missiles. When they develop them, I hope we blast the factories out of existence.

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