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    Hi Forum,

    I picked up the forum on a net search. I noted a post on Kenneth Macardle of 17th Bttn. Manchester Regmt. He would have been one of the finest diarists of the war had he not faced his demise on 9th July 1916. Here's an extract on the previous 1st July attack.

    “I caught a glimpse of young Wain, his face haggard with pain, one leg soaked with blood, smoking a cigarette and pushing himself forward with a stick. His voice was full of sobs and tears of pain and rage. “Get up you …….s. Blast your souls – get up”. I waved to him and he smiled and dropped – he knew it was not absolutely up to him any longer. We of “B” Coy took over, for he was the last of “A” Coy officers and their Sergeant Major was also killed. We were enfiladed from our left (where another battalion had failed to advance) by machine gun and rifle fire.”

    My Grandad was in A Company as referred to by Kenneth, so his diary is a great resource. 'Young' Wain was awarded a VC later. (IWM North).

    I have a feeling this may be a US site, so I'll wait and see if I have anything relevant to the forum.


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