Introducing our new film: Hearts From The Somme

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    "Hearts From The Somme" is a WWI Short film made in collaboration with the 100th anniversary of WWI. Hearts Of The Somme is a film combining All Quiet On The Western Front and westfront 1918 together with same scenes from both films. The film is made to resemble a film made in the 1930s. The film is produced in black and white and is a sound film and not a silent film. The film is written By Jame...s Stevens, Shazlee and Hidrix89. The film will introduced the horrors of The Great War in a new complete way. The film will resemble films made in the 1930s like All Quiet On The Western Front and Westfront 1918. The film will tell the story of three combrads , the Student , the Lieutenant and the Tommy in their experience during the Battle Of The Somme , 1916. The film will be shown later on television and then during The Singapore Film Festival.

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