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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ami4041, Jul 7, 2014.

  1. ami4041

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    Hey, I'm from India, 20 years of age, studying Sociology.
    I've always had an interest in history, and since my teen years a very keen interest in past conflicts developed courtesy reading books by Frederick Forsyth and Tom Clancy, not to mention the fact that I am an avid gamer and that I love first person shooters.
    I came across this site by accident, am really glad I found it. Hope to learn a lot during my time here :)
  2. Kate

    Kate Active Member

    Welcome Ami! Glad to see you here, and I'll look forward to hearing your thoughts. There are lots of great threads here. :)
  3. Peninha

    Peninha Member

    Welcome to the forum Ami, I am sure you're going to have a great time here in our community. I've seen a couple of your posts so I think you're fitting right in! ;)
  4. lionzfire122

    lionzfire122 New Member

    Hello there and welcome.

    I sure hope you find some valuable information on this site. I have posted some things please check them out. They are very important concerning our life and death in this world. We have people on the "inside" who post here, check them out too.

    Best regards, LIONZFIRE.

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