Interviews with some Aces

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    Ooh, RST, cool! Thanks, Kyt!
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    Very impressive.

    CUNNINGHAM: And after that you met General Adolf Galland...
    TUCK: Before I was taken off to prison in Germany, Galland and his pilots of the Luftwaffe fighter squadrons based at St. Omer gave a dinner for me. He was, and is, quite a grand gentleman. He was an Oberstleutnant [Lieutenant Colonel] at that time, but later commanded the entire German fighter corps. We had a very nice evening, and I was amazed at the feeling of comradeship we seemed to have. But then, of course, they had to send me off to prison.......

    Before sending Tuck off to prison, Galland told him, “ I'm glad you're not badly injured, and that now you will not have to risk your life any more.” After the war they met again and have since become very close friends.

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