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    CCF30052012_00005.jpg CCF30052012_00002.jpg CCF30052012_00003.jpg CCF30052012_00004.jpg I have recently acquired signatures of the Kaiser and Prinz Wilhelm of Prussia and these items were also in the package can anyone give me a clue as to what they are?
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    Hi Arthur6719

    The first postcard is translated:

    His kaiferl. Highness the Crown Prince Honorary Member of National Associations Grinding and Brandenburg the steel helmet B.D.F Fine with sons Prince William, Hubertus and Friedrich von Preuken For Beften d.Delfer helmet home.

    is written in the top left hand corner of the first post card.

    and the last card is a postcard at Christmas from Hitler to the district Manager A.D German in Berlin:

    Playhouse of princesses: Empress Auguste Viktoria Caroline Mathilde, Duchess of Glucksburg Princess Louise Sophie Friedr.Leopld v. Prussia in Primkenauer Schlobpark

    Primkenau, the 12.21.1934

    Christmas and warmest jahreswechsel best wishes and blessings Heil Hitler! The address: Mr. District Manager A.D German man, Berlin W.8 Among the Linden 36

    Nice cards don't know if its Hitler Signature if it is it might be worth something

    hope this helps in some way



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