Info on a RAAF lad buried in Ireland

Discussion in 'World War 2' started by spidge, May 22, 2008.

  1. spidge

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    Does anyone have any info on this lad please?

    2 AFU
    Royal Australian Air Force
    Grave 32A.
  2. Kyt

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    It was training accident of Anson MG395 (this serial needs to be confirmed because the file is unclear) which developed engine problems during a night flying exercise, and the pilot/instructor ordered the crew to bale out. The rest of the crew survived, though injured. The ngine cut due to incorrect fuel pump procedures

    It seems that his parachute opened properly but he fell out because the harness hadn't been strapped properly.

    Some details from two of the survivors attached

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  3. spidge

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    Thanks Kyt,

    What a terrible way to go!
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    Hello KYT. Interesting site the austrailian archives. Is there any way in finding more records like this one specific to Northern ireland. I have registered with them and ww2 N.I. is what i research. Found the information on the anson very interesting. I know there were several austrailian pilots killed here or involved in accidents. Is it possible to refine a search specific to Northern Ireland without knowing individual names and dates.
  5. Kyt

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    Hi skyhwsk

    Go to National Archives of Australia - Login and click Guest

    In the Keywords type in:

    ireland casualty

    and in the Dates:


    I found 56 files - not all have been digitised though, and some refer to New Irland PNG. And that may not be all the the casualties in Northern Ireland. But if continue to use the term casualty and the same date range, and then vary the seraches for e,g. Antrim, etc you maybe able to get a fuller picture.
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    Hello and many thanks for all the help, i found 56 in total. I have 1 RAAF pilots details and tried putting them in last night but with no avail. I have a SGT R W Lindeman, a member of 153 Squadron flying defiants and beaufighters from Ballyhalbert and eglinton. I have included in attachments a picture of his grave and information from the squadron operational books of the time leading up to and his death.

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  8. skyhswk

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    I also have the details of a Sgt S D Wills also from the same squadron. he is on the archives list. In attachments his grave and details. This squadron 153 Sqn had a lot of pilots and crew killed over here. Inexperianced crews just out of the OTU flying at night in bad weather and not familiar with the geographic location of their new posting.

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  9. Kyt

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    Lindeman's files haven't been digitised yet, but they can be requested. Search for his service number - 403141

    He was killed in Defiant N1647

    Neither has Wills' - again search by service number - 400746 - and make a request for copies of his files.

    Beaufighter X7573

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