I'm Michael from Indiana its nice to be on the forum with you all.

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    I like war in general I started playing those video games like Medal Of Honor and Conflict Vietnam they really gave me some insight on how things might have been for people who fought in those wars like World War 2 and the Korean War. I like watching violent videos like Vietnam uncut where it showed the soldier using a flame thrower on a Viet Cong soldier and that bomb that exploded and burned that village. I used to think that America was the good guys but as I read more and more it seems like we just love war and we make money from war its all about conquering lands selling drugs killing people stealing artifacts and getting oil, But hey that's life right I guess I might as well enjoy the entertainment I get from it.
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    Wow. Well, welcome, Michael. I have to say that I disagree about "loving war." Are you not grateful for the freedoms those soldiers fighting the wars have afforded you? Not to mention the freedom to make a statement like that in a military forum?

    You "used to think America were the good guys?" I don't think we should mix up the soldiers who go out there with the politicians who may or may not have reasons for wanting war.

    I have known a lot of vets in my time and I assure you that they do NOT and never did "enjoy" the blood and guts in real life that you enjoy in a virtual world. :(
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    Being entertained from the video games is understandable, but war is a horrible thing. I have never experienced it first hand, but all the footage I have seen and accounts of it I have read about were horrible. It's kind of crazy that you'd state that on a military history website, but hey, to each their own. Hopefully you are grateful for all that the U.S. military has done for us and our freedoms.
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    I know and thanks for the welcome this forum is right up my alley yes its ok if you disagree I like hearing other people's opinions about these issues. Everything is controlled by the Illuminati New World Order or whatever the popular name is for these secret societies are the point is they fund wars from both sides and profit off of those wars monetarily and by gaining more and more power. Yes soldiers do fight like chess pieces on a board for the evil controllers who create a situation where we need to go to war for example because 911 was an inside job and was staged by letting those planes fly into the World Trade Centers we then had a reason to get in this war and stay in it for these years. Also in the past when we messed with Japans oil that was an act of war towards them which resulted in us being attacked at Pearl Harbour and what happened after that? the United States uses 2 atomic weapons and murders hundreds of thousands of people. Why did we have to get involved in Vietnam something was not our business to get involved in and get over 58,000 thousand of our men killed and then because of the disapproval of the people and some politicians we then leave Vietnam unfinished and just pack up which resulted in us losing the war and the same way we are loosing now because of some group called ISIS retaking power in Iraq. This is why I did not join the Army because I refuse to be a chess piece in some globalist's chess game and you look at our veterans some of them today can barely find a freaking job living on the street and committing suicide from PTSD.
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    I watch Syrian war footage a lot I just recently downloaded a 2 hour compilation of footage earlier this morning. War is a horrible thing especially when the New World Order stages false flag terror events like 911 and gives us an excuse to go and invade another country for its resources and take away American freedoms. I have 5 relatives who have and still serve in the United States military and 4 out of 5 of them know for a fact that 911 was an inside job my other cousin however chooses to not comment on that which is fine with us if he chooses to not dishonor the military by saying that or if he is being naïve and has not researched into it.
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    What is your reasoning behind it being an inside job? All the things that I have read about it show no such thing. Inside job or not, the loss of life stemming from just one event is horrible.
  7. Kate

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    You'll not get anywhere with that question, I'm afraid, SPWhitlow... because the only answer anyone ever has is that they "saw something to prove it" and that generally traces back to a doctored-up YouTube that was proven a fake. :rolleyes:

    People who like to stir controversy usually get around to this one eventually when they don't have a better one. Ask someone what a purpose for it *possibly* could have been though, and they start stammering.

    Also, while some of it started from within the U.S., most of it was propaganda from other countries when it started... just like many of the conspiracy silliness is. It's hard for me, but I'd tried to teach myself to roll my eyes :rolleyes: (See?!) and move on. Unless something offends me, then I have a hard time sitting on my hands.

    Oh, and for someone who has friends, family members, and ancestors who never came back while fighting for me to live free, cuts against the military just to stir up controversy... well that's offensive.
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    I lived with doubts for years until I began to research and find that the buildings were brought down on purpose by a controlled demotion to make it look like planes with burning fuel caused the building to weaken and thus begin to crumble and fall to the ground. Who benefited from those towers coming down and the insurance policy that was put on those buildings in the event on something like that happening. You said in your last message , inside job or not ok that is why it is important to investigate and research to find out the truth which you say that you have done some reading on it which is good and it seems that we have two different opinions I'm ok with that but you also said that the event itself is horrible that is why I am deeply saddened that the government would sacrifice the lives of 5000 people and not only those but over tens of thousands of Americans that were affected by the dust and chemicals in the buildings bricks and debris that feel that day people with lung diseases and breathing illnesses and those first responders who got sick and most have died from this. They were able to so easily identify the hijackers because they knew already who they wanted to blame for the attack. Those steel pipes in that building could withstand a burning gas fire for a very long period without becoming so weak that they just bend and come down and break like that so easily it as if they were melted and brought down by explosives no plane did all of that. Even when I was 11 years old and looking at the way those towers fell and saying to my self that makes no sense! those were strong reinforced steel beams and brick and concrete how could such a small plane destroy those two massive works of architecture so easily.

    Why do they tease us like this and throw their stupid card game in our face to tell us the American people yes we do run things and we will kill anybody we want to to satisfy tour greed and evil intentions I'm angered now by this and it is a shame that members of my family who do work in the military blatantly come out and say they believe 911 was an inside job we should not have to dis-trust our government like this.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Some of those You tube videos are garbage you will need to read about the architecture of the buildings and study physics to see if what happened that day could even happen without there being some sort of explosive used or demolition technique also follow the money who gained from that attack? why have we been around for this long as a country and just recently we have a issue with Islamic terrorists wanting to kill us and hate us for our freedoms why not earlier in time? the whole thing seems faked to me we needed a good reason to go over and invade those countries and 911 was the perfect thing to get us there. That is the problem people watch too many videos but they read way less than they should.
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    Look... you have the constitutional right to your opinion, and I'm glad you gave it... but so do I, so I'll say that this is so juvenile, I don't feel that I want to keep up with it.

    You said you were 11 on that day. Well *I* wasn't. I watched those planes hit. I lived near where the plane went into the field and spent the day listening for airplanes going overhead to make sure they kept going. (Until they were all grounded.) I have the scars of that day.

    My best friend in the world had a meeting at the Pentagon that morning. Yes, at 9 a.m. Hearing someone ... what to me amounts to MOCKING all those lives lost is very upsetting at best. It would make a good video game, wouldn't it? But in my adult world, it's just not understood how anyone could make light of it by making these ludicrous claims and expecting anyone to take it seriously.
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    I agree with you. I was young when it happened and didn't fully understand what happened (I was in Kindergarten) but I did realize it was bad, and my parents made sure to convey that message to me well. I have seen various conspiracy theories/coincidences (the "twin towers on the dollar bills folded a certain way" for example) and all of them seem equally ridiculous and crazy. Sometimes people just try to see things where there's nothing to see there.
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    Yeah we're getting a bit ridiculous. 9/11 was not set up and that's an absurd conspiracy theory that is in no way grounded in fact. There is no solid evidence for anything like that and people who say otherwise are just stirring the pot.

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