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  1. RVING

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    Fort Ticonderoga



    Lexington Green



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    Nice pictures of Fort Ticonderoga. I've only ever seen it briefly on television before.

  3. RVING

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    Thanks, for such an important fort in our history it is privately own and maintained. It is nicely preserved and when we were there in June there was some archaeological stuff going on on the north wall. One of my favorite item on display there is an early machine gun made of wood.
  4. The General

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    Excellent photos, Charlie. Thanks!

    When you visited Fort Ti, did you also visit Fort Crown Point? It's less than an hour away, and it's also an excellent and fascinating site, although not in the condition that Fort Ti is in. I once visited both in the same day (now THAT was a good day :)).

    Here's a site with some nice photos of Fort Crown Point: http://www.historiclakes.org/crown_pt/CrownPt.html

  5. RVING

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    We stayed in Lake George when we visited Ft Ti and we did not visit Fort Crown Point. We did visit Fort William Henry in Lake George. Nicely recreated fort and a great story around it as well. Another place with monuments all around (Lake George).
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  7. J David Petruzzi

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    Terrific pics. I need to find the ones I took when we visited the site of the Last Encampment of the Continental Army.

  8. tonyt

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    The pictures are great inspires me and most likely others to return over and over for visits .

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