If you could have any tank from WWII what would you have?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Technology & Equipment' started by Dark Matter, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. Dark Matter

    Dark Matter New Member

    I'm thinking of mine right now...I'l be back with one in jiffy...
  2. Dark Matter

    Dark Matter New Member

    I'd get a M6 heavy tank.
  3. spidge

    spidge Active Member

    The M6 never saw combat Dark Matter. It may have been an alright tank but they ended up going for the Sherman and later the M26 Pershing which were easier to manufacture and transport.

    I am not a tank person however I would probably go with the PantherG as it was a good all round tank and was less expensive to produce than the King Tiger.
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  4. smaja

    smaja New Member

    Panther was a good tank but my choice is T-34. It's reliable, easy to maintain, easy to drive, fast and it can drive on almost every terrain.
  5. Reccemitch

    Reccemitch Member

    The T 34 while a good tank it was never tried against allied tanks.
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  6. Kitty

    Kitty New Member

    Not sure which I'd go for, but maybe a Churchill as a good solid tank, or the T34 for sheer ruggedness.
  7. Cobber

    Cobber New Member

    Although my choice was not used in the war and was really only a quaint prototype being built, i would go for a Sentinal. I know plently of other tanks are bettter and it did not even see production, I however believe that if the Sentinal went into full production it's original design and it's later model updates could of been a great tank for all AO's. Maybe it would not better than others but very good regardless.

  8. Keith

    Keith New Member

    Which Tank

    Hi Cobber, Merry Christmas,
    I think that if I was living down under with a few of my forum friends, I would opt for a very large three miles square water tank with hoses fitted all the way round the bottom.
    Could have other uses when not required for emergencies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope you are all OK down there.


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  9. Golden Wattle

    Golden Wattle New Member

    Merry Christmas all.

    Your tanks win.

    NSW & QLD have had fires for about a month now.
    The traditional danger season is about to begin.
    Vic & S.A. residents get nervous about now. After losing so many people this year, the government has finally stepped up and leased extra fire fighting aircraft and ground tankers.

    Hopefully this year will be better.

  10. Keith

    Keith New Member

    Best Tank

    Hi GW,

    I find it very strange that once our public servants have got your vote, their title changes to lords and masters, :hail: with little thought for the suffering of their voting minions.
    One thing is for sure that if they lived in a hotspot you would have all the fire-engines etc needed to assure the safety of their area.
    All stops should be pulled out to not only stop these recurring hazards but to make sure everything is done to prevent them happening again with good land husbandry, by way of bigger fire breaks, and planting less inflamable fauna.
    Make your voices heard during the next election.:dwarf:
    I wish you all the will be safe and have a special care free Christmas.
    Here in sunny Cheshire, where no snow has been forecast we have just had a two inch fall which is laying because we are "enjoying" 0 - 3 degrees overnight.
    I wish I could ship it down to you

    ps, make that 6" snow laying and causing traffic hazard, doubt if I'll see my grandchildren today! rather they were safe and warm
  11. sniper

    sniper Active Member

    For sheer power i would have to go for the King Tiger but for over all performance it has to be the T34.

    Enjoy the snow Keith, we have none here in Oxfordshire now.

    Merry Xmas to you all, have a safe and happy holiday

  12. Cobber

    Cobber New Member

    Thanks for the kind words and thoughts Keith.

    Trouble is no matter what we humans do ,Australia in particular the states from Sthn Qld & Northern NSW down to Victoria and South Australia are full of forests that burn it's part of the forests regeneration as many plants will only shoot once a bush fire has gone through they need the heat of the fire to germinate or whatever plants do. The big fire last year where all the people were killed was just one of those things.
    In most Bush fires as we call them only a few* houses and out buildings not to forget the stock and native animals get hit, That's is the biggest shame to me is the native animals who are just forgotten about unless a fancy picture is flashed around the world. So many native animals and stock die a horrible death, non native animals who live wild in the Aussie bush, well they can burn in hell as far as I'm concerned.

    As said the fires were a once in a generation type fire and with more people living out their in the bush areas, their may be more casualties, in the future. However I cannot see a repeat of that day in the foreseeable future, as in the past they have come close to wiping out towns etc out but were stopped at the gates, so hopefully this will be the case for many more years to come.

    I see they are finally bringing out large fire fighting planes able to drop massive amounts of retardent./water on the fire, more of a moral booster but look what happened when the bought out the sky crane Elvis, the NSW CFA didn't even know it was in country untill the Vic CFA offered it to them. People when they saw it were clapping and cheering as it can drop a decent load and when it's job was done their hundreds of people came out to wave and cheer the work done by the Sky crane we now have at least two in country each summer, so these big planes when the people see what they can do they will be on their knees in prayers of thanks.

    What I would do is place a large water tank on my roof with a sprinkler system running at a slow pace to keep the roof and walls wet, also several more large water tanks just for protecting the perimeter of the home paddock, leaving the dams for other work.

    It can cost a small fortune to have your block seriously protected, especially when the Govt agencies won't allow people to clear too much trees etc from the perimeter, but hey this year it's gunna be different sure we will have fires however I hope they will be blown away from populated places and with all the new programs and laws in place for the fire season hopefully even if we have a repeat of that day the people will be more prepared to fight or flight.
  13. cavtrooper

    cavtrooper Member

    Yes it was,in the Korean war,and other proxy wars.
  14. Diptangshu

    Diptangshu Active Member

    Sd kfz 161/2 - Ausf G or F2 is my choice. Its Maybach HL120 TRM gasoline engine(water cooled) enabled to produce 265 hp@2600 rpm, enough to cruise 35-38km/hr, better gun sight, more space at commander's cupola, hi muzzle velocity along with better recoil compensator and double baffle muzzle brake(lately added in F2) plus Fu 2/Fu 5, intercom, moreover optional Fu 7/8 for Luftwaffe support ... etc etc favors @ my choice.
  15. aghart

    aghart Former Tank Commander Moderator

    M3 Stuart. Fast, reliable, fun, room for stowage (on the outside) excellent light AFV, no good against a Panther, Tiger, or Panzer IV, but against any of those you are likely to die no matter what tank you are in. So you might as well be comfortable and enjoy yourself before that fateful encounter.
  16. Diptangshu

    Diptangshu Active Member

    Ok ... Dear Commandar , mine is lost at the battlefield of Militarian Theatre. Thanks a lot for 'breaking your silence'.
    Meanwhile, gunsight of mine is blocked, main gun being jammed, telefunken absolutely malfunctioning, no Motor-mech is at the vicinity; @ ; M3 stowaged absolute tranquil...
    Kindly consider my FoT, raised high at funken-pole, help me to return Militarian forum for its Restoration ....
  17. guywithguitar

    guywithguitar New Member

    If I could have any tank, I'd take the Jagdtiger. That thing was a beast. It had good armor plating(250mm) good speeds(34km/h) and a nice main cannon(12.8cm.) It would be nice to have that hulk of a tank destroyer.
  18. vashstampede

    vashstampede Active Member

    Actually T-34-85 was seen action in Korean War against UN forces. The North Koreans got some from the Soviets.
    They stomped at first against light tanks from the US, but they didn't do so well once heavier tanks arrived. The North Korean tank crews weren't very well trained.

    Back to the topic,
    Am I only limited to one?
    If so, I'd pick a King Tiger. Although I doubt any of the WWII tank is very comfortable to ride in lol. None of them had air conditioning...
  19. Rockhem

    Rockhem Member

    I would go for a panther tank, it is fairly mobile, cheaper to produce than a Tiger, but still extremely formidable on the battle field. The tank was nearly as fast as a t-34 and had far more armor and more powerful armament that could easily punch through t-34s while the t-34s would struggle to penetrate the panther's hefty armor.
  20. vashstampede

    vashstampede Active Member

    It is not really a tank but a tank destroyer as you already know. :)
    Jagditiger might be almost invulnerable from the front, but the disadvantage of a tank destroyer is the lack of a turret. It makes you vulnerable when being surrounded from multiple sides. The mobility is also not great.


    By the way guys, are we talking about to have one of the old tanks (today) or if we are back to WWII time? I thought it was about (today, now). Many of you seem to be choose tank based on "cost" and how well it (will do) against other WWII tanks. Unless you are putting back in time in WWII, I do not think these facts matter at all. :)

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