If the Germans never attacked USSR

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    Over half of all suppies sent to N Africa ended up at the bottom of the Med. It was simply a drain on Hitlers resources. When Rommel eventually left the theatre he only had 17 tanks left, that's how bad things were.

    Secondly, Germany had already lost the BofB and any hopes of invading Britain were gone. One thing few take into account is pilots rather than planes. The battle was over Britain and every pilot that bailed out unharmed was to our advantage. I.e. Ours were recycled, theirs became prisoners.

    Germany did not even posses a four engined strategic bomber, having only two engined tactical bombers like the flying pencil.

    So even without the Russian offensive he could not tame Britain

    Three things won the war
    British resolve
    American money
    and Russian blood
  2. Tom Roberts

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    I know you're just being succinct, but I wouldn't be the finicky person I am without pointing out that the British, French, American, Polish, Canadian, and every other country who saw its servicemen and women killed, would argue that it wasn't just Russian blood that won the war.
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    They only added an extra nail to the coffin, War was not seized by the East; a few nos of searchlights along with a blind and simply ear bleeding artillery barrage for 30 mins and their Katyusha BM 13N just unable to believe me made them victorious in the Battle for Berlin..

    Instead of, I believe due to the German campaigns for East and far East, plundered Hitler's 30-40 % military strength.

    How far you could think that without the British, French, American, Polish, Canadian, Indian,Australian and New Zealanders' made allies, the War would have been stopped by '45 ??
  4. Tom Roberts

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    I agree. The war in the East drained Hitler's armed forces more than any other theatre.
  5. Diptangshu

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    So if I consider this[Operation Barbarossa] being the 1st phase of destruction of Wehrmacht; I believe, the 2nd phase must be the intense Allied bombardment on German industries. These raids devastatingly reduced the Axis military and logistic productions. eg, at least 130 rail lines plus 1200 rail cars been destroyed by the US 3rd Army alone, provided 1750 enemy capturing per day, finally lead to bog down.

    During the final days, when the threat from the East was knocking at the door, Hitler had no opt other than to fight till death.

    So, Zhukov had faced only 40-45% available strength of Hitler, who forced himself called in the Youths and Vets to serve,what I believe.
  6. Tom Roberts

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    Again, it's just me be finicky, but it was the failure of Operation Barbarossa (which referred only to the initial invasion plan), and the subsequent protracted war in the East that drained Hitler's resources.

    One could argue that had the Allied invasion of Normandy failed, the German Armed Forces could've held off in Italy and in the East until stalemate, and possible negotiations for a cease fire with the Russians. (But this is absolute speculation.)

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