Huot-Ross automatic rifle

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    Hi Cutaway and welcome ! :)

    I thought the war ended before it entered service ? is this one yours ?

    Annie :)
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    ...... I thought the war ended before it entered service .....

    Annie :)[/QUOTE]
    One obvious cause was that the Huot never ever stood more accurate than the Lewis, sufficiently better enough to Replace either Farguhar Hill, Hotchkiss or the Lewis! So the British military rejected it by middle of '18, as soon as they realised that the conversion, retooling and retraing soldiers etc. had been time killing and expensive. And of course, once the War ended the existing supply of Lewis was suddenly far more than would be needed by a peacetime Army.
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    They were certainly interesting specimens too look at. There is a video with a number of interesting photos on this early LMG.


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