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    Hi Everyone,

    or those who wish too or don't know how too, you can create your own personal gallery.
    This can be used to display the images of interest and importance for you, You can have them shown to the public, have just your contacts or just private friends.

    This is what you do

    At the top of the page is a community section in the there and a list will appear.
    Click Album ​
    in that list


    it will take you to this Screen.​

    when you get here
    Click on create New Album on right of picture

    This screen will appear​

    Add a name to the Title Box and then add information to the Description box, choose weather you want public, contacts or
    private viewing,when finished press save.

    Once saved this screen appears

    Now you can add pictures to it.
    To do this
    First up load pictures by pressing the up load picture buttons at the top right of the screen

    This is were your pictures will appear.


    Then follow the instruction by going to the top right in the new box and press add file and then select file which enables you to add pictures to the the attachments.

    When this is Done you Drag the selected picture of your choice to the bottom
    section of the screen this will automatically take you straight to the screen below


    You can then give you picture a title, once happy then you press save changes at the bottom left
    and your album is created

    see picture below

    Now you can click on picture and you will have it shown to everybody

    Hope this has helped.

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    If you have trouble with large images in your Album this will help You

    If you find an image is to large, you can insert the image into word:

    Open Word then go to insert


    Then select picture


    Select the picture you want then press insert bottom right.


    Once opened in word, Shrink the picture down to small reasonable size say 500 X 757


    then right click your mouse button and press copy.
    Next click clip art


    when the application opens up on right of screen click organize clips.

    • CG104.jpg

      Organize clips will open up then got to edit and press paste this will send your picture into Microsoft Clip Organizer



      So when you go to select your picture to go in album
      select the image
      from Microsoft Clip Organizer folder
      which you can find in your pictures folder on your computer and it should fit nicely into your album now.

      Kind regards



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