HMS Zulu (1909)

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    The first HMS Zulu was an Tribal (or F-) Class destroyer launched September 16, 1909 at Hawthorn Leslie Shipyard and commissioned in March, 1910.

    She was mined during the First World War 1916 off Dover, England. The stern was blown off and sank, but the forward section remained afloat. It was towed into port and attached to the stern of Nubian , which had been torpedoed, to form a new destroyer named HMS Zubian.

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    Hi annie - first of all a picture of Nubian at her very best, followed by a picture of her looking distinctly second-hand in Chatham dockyard 1916. Next I show a picture of Zulu before being welded to the other bit of Nubian. Zulu looked identical to Nubian before she was damaged.
    Finally a picture of Zubian after the two halves were welded together!

    In those days there seemed to be no limit to British ingenuity....

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    Turned out looking pretty cool didn't it ?? :):)

    Thanks for the pictures Cally !!

    Clever fellahs those British !!
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    Now this is how I get side tracked so easily .......

    * I bought two Jaeger scarves today ( early Christmas shopping !! :) )

    * Gustav Jager (June 23, 1832 - May 13, 1917) was a German naturalist and hygienist.

    * The brand is named after the German zoologist and physiologist Dr Gustav Jaeger who advocated the benefits of clothing made of animal fibres rather than vegetable fibres.

    * One of Gustav Jaeger's grandsons, Rudolf Seuffer, was killed in action in World War I, and his name is inscribed on the memorial in Laboe

    * Rudolf served as captain lieutenant on a submarine and died when the submarine got caught in nets off the coast of England (?) :confused:

    * He commanded UC 50 21 Dec 1916 - 7 Jan 1918
    UC-50 - Sunk by the Destroyer ZUBIAN, in English Channel, 4th February, 1918. UC50-Commander: Seuffer Flotilla : F Flotilla Dimensions: length: 52m height: 7m

    * Fate - 7 Jan 1918 - Missing after sailing on January 7, 1918 for the Bay of Biscay. 29 dead (all hands lost).

    * Previously recorded fate - Rammed and depth charged by HMS Zubian at 5049N 0059W while homeward bound on surface. This attack damaged the UC 79

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