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    Hi, I am retired and live in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. I have been researching HMS Regulus, a Royal Navy minesweeper on which my mom's brother St John Egerton Niland, Able Seaman, lost his life when she was sunk by a mine in Corfu Channel on 12 Jan 1945. I found the following on this forum, and would like to ask anyone who can help, if there is any more detail regarding the sinking of this vessel.

    1945 - Minesweeper HMS Regulus (ex-HMCS Long Branch) is mined during clearance operations off Sista Island near Corfu and loses her propellers. She is taken in tow, but capsizes an hour later
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    I found a bit of info about the Regulus on this page.

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    Hi Peter,
    Thanks very much for the info.
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    Hi my grandad served on the same minesweeper. He necer spoke about war all I know is they made a memorial on the beach the survivors swan too.

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