HMS Ganges October 1939 Class 211/12

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    I am hoping one of you can help on behalf of my Grandpa please?
    My Grandpa joined the Royal Navy in October 1939 as a Boy Telegraphist and was in class 211/12. His service number is PJX166703, he reached the rank of Petty Officer.
    He has never been a member of any associations (other thank the Royal Legion) despite serving through out the war on the Atlantic and Artic convoys and in the Far East ending his war service in Singapore as part of the occupying garrison in 1945. He did not get home until 1946 and married my Nanny Margaret in 1947. He experienced a lot of hardship and saw some terrible things so he wanted to put that all behind him and focus on his family.
    As he approaches 89 (he was born on 24th August 1923 in Oakthorpe, Leicestershire), he has asked whether I can find out what became of the Boys he started Naval service with before his time runs out - I guess he may be after some closure and put some old ghosts to bed?
    So my question is this - can anyone help me in my search for the list of Boys that started Naval service with my Grandpa and moving on from that; what was their fate - did they survive the war or not?

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    thanks - I have tried the Secretary of the Association but am having trouble with delivery of the message - I'll try the link above.

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