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    This is one of a series of posts to mark the international Rugby players who died during The Great War. If anyone has further information on the men concerned, I’d be most grateful if it could be added to the thread.


    Jones, Herbert played for Australia

    Internationals: 3 : 1913 NZ- NZ- (2t) NZ+ (1t)

    Herbert Jones was born on 1888, son of James and Margaret Anne Jones of Hamilton, NSW.

    Played as a Centre for: Newcastle, NSW. He played 16 times for NSW from 1911 (15 v Queensland and 1 v New Zealand). He scored 6 tries on the Wallaby tour of New Zealand in 1913.

    Profession: Medical student/labourer

    War service: 6616, Private, 20th (New South Wales) Battalion, (19th Reinforcements) Australian Imperial Force; he enlisted on 11 December 1916, and departed Sydney on board HMAT A18 Wiltshire on 7 February 1917.

    He was killed in action on 9 July 1918, and is buried in Crucifix Corner Cemetery, Villers-Bretonneux, Somme, France [V. E. I.].
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    Well Gareth ... I can't find a Herbert ... but I did find a Hubert !! ... is this him ??


    The following were chosen to represnt Australia at Senior Level when resident in the Newcastle Zone. There has been 24 persons selected between 1899 and 2000.

    The first was C.J.B. White from the Maitland Club in 1899, who played in the first ever Test on Australian soil & A.R. MacNeill who is the only referee from the area who has represented Australia.

    ADAMS, Neil Joseph (Noodles) (1925 - 1986) Merewether Carlton - 1 test
    BURKE, Cyril Thomas (1925-) Merewether Carlton / Waraths - 26 Tests
    COBB, Walter George (Wally) (1870 - 1933) Centennial - 2 Tests
    COCKS, Michael Richard (Dick) (1945 -) Brisbane Waters - 10 Tests
    CURLEY, Terrence George (1938 -) Wanderers - 11 Tests
    CURRAN, Declan James (Deckchair) (1952 -) The Waratahs - 4 Tests
    FITZGERALD, Michael Anthony (1955 -) The Waratahs
    GARDNER, William Charles (1929 -) Newcastle - 1 Test
    HARVEY, Ronald Mason (1933 -) The Waratahs - 2 Tests
    HAWTHORN, Phillip Francis (1943 - 1994) Wanderers - 21 Tests
    HIPWELL, John Noel Brian (1948 -) The Waratahs - 35 Tests
    HORTON, Peter Alan (1945 -) The Waratahs - 21 Tests
    JENKINSON, Michael Augustine (1940 -) Wanderers
    JONES, Hubert A. (Webber) (1888 - 1919) North Newcastle - 3 Tests
    MacNEILL, Alexander Robb (Sandy) (1947 -) Newcastle Referees Assoc - 16 Tests
    MALCOLM, Sydney James (1903 -) South Newcastle - 12 Tests
    MARSHALL, John Samuel (1926 -) The Waratahs - 1 Test
    MEADOWS, Ronald W. (Twinkletoes) Wanderers - 6 Tests
    MERRICK, Steve Paul (1968 -) Singleton - 2 Tests
    MORAN, Dr. Herbert Michael (Paddy) (1885 - 1945) Newcastle - 1 Test
    STEVENSON, Joshua M (1883 - ?) South Newcastle
    WALSH, PAtrick Bernard (Nimmo) (1879 - 1953) Carlton - 3 Tests
    WALSHAM, Keith Percival (1941 -) University - 2 Tests
    WHITE, Charles J. B. (1874 - 1941) Maitland - 3 Tests
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    He's Herbert in his Army papers, but Hubert in many Rugby books. I suspect that a mistake in a match program, or something similar, has been perpetuated.

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    Hello Gentlemen, old post you may never read but trout I would provide the correct details for Herbert Jones, Australian and NSW rugby union player, and private in the 30th Batalion, 5 Divions, AIF. He was born 1888, to William Morris Jones and Mary Jones of little Young Street Carrington. He played rugby for Carrington amongst other local clubs. H played 21 games for NSW between 1911 and 1914. He toured to the United States in 1912 with the 23 man Australian squad but did not play an international game, and he again toured New Zealand in 1913, playing three tests and scoring three tries. He was killed in action with the 30 Batalion at Flers, France in 1916. His representative caps for both NSW and Australia were donated to the Newcastle Regional Museum in the mid 1980's by his family. He was my great grandmothers brother, and the family still has post cards from the United States and New Zealand that he posted ho e during his tours. Regards, Matthew
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    Are you sure about this as it flies in the face of all the information I have on him? I am writing the book about all the rugby internationals killed during the great war "INTO TOUCH" see it on Amazon and am ken to get the information right. Can you somehow confirm what you have written and PLEASE if you have one a photograph of the gentleman he is only one of two I do not have. Many thank Nigel McCery
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    Matthew can you contact me urgently. Thanks Nigel
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    Nigel, sorry for the delay I had not looked at this post for many months. If you would like confirmation, my email is matthewwardvale@hotmail.com contact me and I will forward to you an article from the Newcastle Hearld dated Tuesday 2 March 1982. Its my great grandmother, Herbert's sister holding his NSW Rugby rep cap and discussing his playing career. I also have a copy of a post card that is post marked from Standford University during the Tour in 1912 to the USA

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