Henry Norwest - Sharpshooter, First world War

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    On November the 11th, Remembrance Day, we honour the sacrifices made by the nearly two million Canadian men and women who served their country in time of war. Included in this number are thousands of Native people who joined the armed forces and fought in foreign lands. Canada's first inhabitants responded quickly and in impressive numbers during the First World War

    In Memory of
    Private H NORWEST
    M M and Bar

    435684, 50th Bn., Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment)
    who died age 30
    on 18 August 1918
    Son of Mrs. Genevieve Norwest, of Sacred Heart, Alberta.

    Remembered with honour

    Henry Norwest (Metis) - Fort Saskatchewan (French/Cree) - Sharpshooter, First world War. Excellent sniping skills with an ability to keep perfectly still for very long periods and superb camouflage techniques. Much of his time was spent in ‘No Man’s Land’, the dreaded area between opposing forces. He often slipped behind enemy lines. He earned the Military Medal (MM) in 1917 at a peak on Vimy Ridge. Award a bar to his MM. Died in battle on August 18, 1918 - three months before the war ended, killed by an enemy sniper.


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