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    Hi everyone,

    i was interested a few months ago find out what where and what my grandpa did in the war, so i was advised to get his service records. The service records have arrived and was wondering if anyone could help interpret them.
    - Name Henry george Bennett
    - DoB 16 april 1922
    - service number: chx106268
    - consripted 23 october 1941
    - good conduct badges 23/10/44, 1st, granted
    -service for 1939 - 45 (defence and war medal)

    There is also a list of names of divisions or ship commanding officer
    -R.M.R.D ( 23 oct - 8 dec 1941) W E PETTEY
    - HBL RM Divn ( 9 dec 1941 -26 nov 1943) F H PHILIP
    - HBL2 RM MNBDO (27 nov 1943- 14 april 1944) C E E WILDER
    -HBL RHTG (15 april 1944 - 27 sep 1944) LUCAS
    -CHATHAM DIVN (28 sep - 11 nov 44)

    particulars on discharge

    -date 27 november 1944
    -cause PURMS

    This is all the infromation given me to. Some of the writing for the ship names are hard to read, so ive give my best interpretation. . i would be very thankful if someone could help me interpret any of this information. Other information i can supply is the names of the commanding officer, if that is useful.

    i am most interested is trying to find out which part of the RM he was in and from there reconstruct his war years also knowing where he may have been injured would be amazing.

    Kind regards
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    Hi Guy,

    I think you will find is that RMRD would be the Royal Marine Depot where he did his training. Probably near Plymouth.
    RM Div would be that he was part of the RM Division, It doesn't give which unit so i can't say where he would of been.
    RM MNBDO is Mobile Naval Base Defence Organization disbanded in April 1944
    Not sure what the rest is but the dates would correspond with him being wounded either during the D-Day landings or soon after it.

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