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    You've got help to me out a little guys!! I used to love making models, especially of the old clippers and such. The last one I built was the constitution but that was about 30 years ago. I've looked around town in some of the hobby shops and even a couple of department stores but they just do not carry even the old revell stuff. I looked on line and there are a couple of sites I hit and I think one of them asked for my first born male child to buy even a small lil' old bi-plane. I think it had snoopy in it.
    Any idea where I can order a couple of models of helicopters especially, but any war models will do if the price is right. Even Amazon has only a limited grouping. I really hate making leggo planes and tanks. Help
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    We've done some of this in the past, too... but I haven't seen them either, and don't know where to buy them. I'll find out where we ordered the Messerschmidt my daughter has hanging from her ceiling (don't ask! hehe)

    Okay, try this... some are expensive, but some are under $20.

    (Unless you don't want plastic, but you mentioned Revell, so maybe these are okay?) Model paint goes a long way in perking up the cheapie brands.

    Oh, and I see the Revell site sells them, too... all kinds of prices.

    I expect to see pictures if you make any of them! :D
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    I will take a cruise through the links you sent. Funny, that thread has been up there for a while and you're the only one to answer and you just got back.
    I've come in here on several occasions this last week and I swear even my keyboard had an echo. Tom just started writing again, but I haven't even seen interrogator since our last lovers quarrel. Anywho, if its pic's ya want, pic's you'll get. I might even find a model of Custer's horse. I can't stand Custer but even the Sioux liked his horse.
    A kiss on yer cheek, lass! (I can get away with that. My mother was Irish)

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