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  1. Andy Judd

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    I hope I have attached a picture. Can anyone tell me if the 36 before RFA refers to the battalion or battery number not sure which is which. be grateful for any help thanks. Have tried to search on Forces war records but nothing comes up.

    Thanks in advance


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    Hi Andy .. most welcome aboard.
    The XXXVI th Brigade/Royal Field Artillery/2nd Divi of the British Army remained active in between '14 ~ '18. This 2nd Dvn saw the entire Great War and the same for the XXXVI th Brigade RFA. This Brigade also served for BEF in Western front.
    From RFA DVR 42995, what I understand that your GD was a Driver of the 36th Brigade RFA with service no 42995.
    This 36th Brigade was under Lt Col Ernest F Hall, as far as my knowledge goes..
    Thanks ..
  3. Andy Judd

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    Thanks so much for your reply it's a great help and very informative.

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