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  1. grimfoot

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    Hi all.

    Came across this site when looking at information regarding the Quintinshill disaster - my great grandfather was in the 7th Royal Scots but enlisted shortly after the crash, presumably as a replacement for someone who died. Don't know what happened to him - yet - he had a gunshot wound to the stomach and saw the war out with the 2/10th Royal Scots on coastal defence.

    Anyway, I'm hoping that this site will feed my interest in the Great War and help me to find info regarding other ancestors of mine.
  2. Peter T Davis

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    Welcome aboard! Yes, there is lots of content here about the Great War. I hope you'll find something that will help lead you to more info about your great-grandfather's regiment as well.
  3. Interrogator#6

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    Welcome aboard, Grimfoot. Make you decide to stay and learn with us.

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