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  1. Fragle

    Fragle New Member

    Hi all. My name is Craig just joined today. Not really been into military history until this year. We bought a motorhome and have spent the last 3 holidays visiting various sites around northern France landing beaches and Belgium. Ypres. Only found out this week that my great grandfather was killed in ww1. We are going back over in a few weeks and hope that we can find out where he died. He's on the memorial at Soissons. The plan is to visit the memorial and maybe narrow down the area he died. Hopefully somebody will have some info or point me in the right direction. Literally.
  2. Mark Moore

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    G'day Craig & welcome.

    Looking forward to hearing more, and I am sure with more information many here may be able to help.

  3. Fragle

    Fragle New Member

    Thanks Mark. I've managed to get a fair bit of information. At work at the moment will post what I've got later

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