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    Hello! I am glad to be a part of this forum and look forward to discussing military history here. My interests are primarily ancient battles and warfare, but I am developing an appreciation for the battles of World War II. I am a junior high English teacher, but have nine years of experience as a history teacher, and my bachelor's degree is in history as well. I look forward to learning here, and I hope to be helpful to my fellow participants!
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    Hail and well-met. Welcome to the place. From yor postings I can extrapolate that you will be a valuable addition, should you chose to remain.

    I posted another welcome in responce to another of your postings, an error on my part. As I wrote there, I, too, am slightly knowlegeable about topics before the nineteenth century. I mentioned a questioning post to guage the interest of the Battle of Lapanto (1571) but was met mostly with the stoney sound of crickets.

    I read you are versed in Wo1812. Personally I am more interested in the "French & Indian" wars, also known as Queen Anne's War or the Wo Austrian Succession.

    Were you ever in military service? If so, when and where?

    As far as 'ancient military history' goes I used to have an interest many years ago, but alas the whim departed. But as a Freshman I used to hang with the university's ancient studies grad students. It was my honour to have spent several evenings at the apartment of the then grad student whose career led him to lead the opening and investigation of KV76, the only tomb discovered in the 21st century in Egypt's Valley of the Kings.
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    I will have to read your post on the Battle of Lepanto, if for no other reason than to revive the post! I never served in the military, but I have a keen appreciation for those who have. My grandfather served in the US Army Air Corps, the US Air Force, and the Arkansas National Guard for a combined total of 22 years.

    Hopefully we can find more people interested in older conflicts. I enjoy learning about modern warfare, but there are multiple outlets for that realm of study. There are noticeably fewer outlets for studying the older conflicts.
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    Howdy Helpingcollier4! I have already read some of your stuff and I do believe we just might have a winner! Since curiosity is part of this forum I cannot help wondering who is "collier4 ?" It's too cool if it's none of my business, aber vee haf vays..... Uh oh...pill time!
    P.S. Ancient history? I'm in.
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    Collier is my last name. My wife and two kids and I make up the Collier 4, and I opened an e-mail account where I fill out surveys, sell stuff on eBay, and that sort of thing. Helpingcollier4 was just my way of keeping that e-mail account separate from my regular one.

    Thanks for the kind words about my posts so far, and I look forward to visiting about history here!

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