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  1. Michelle tredwell

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    Ooops I posted in the wrong section I think!
    I'm Michelle! I joined the site as I have always been massively interested in modern history. My grandmother who sadly passed last year, lost her mother at auschwitz when she was only 14. My great grandmother was living in Milan at the time and was involved in the partisan revolts and strikes that ultimately brought down Mussolini. She was arrested however and then taken to the work camps where she later died. I guess my interest in history stated with hearing these stories and looking through documents and letters written by my great grandmother whilst on concentration camps. Although totally
    Unrelated, I thought of this website when A friend of mine who is trying to track down some information about a boat which was used in Osborne naval college asked me for some help and I thought someone on the site could help! I have posted a Seperate thread about "hunting down Osborne house boat" with all the details.
  2. Peter T Davis

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    Welcome to our site Michelle! I don't know anything about the Osborne boats, never heard of them in fact, but wish you well in your hunt for more info!
  3. Michelle tredwell

    Michelle tredwell New Member

    Thank you! They were-t famous, Osborne house was as it was used to train cadets but I am interested in hunting down the origins of the boats used for the trainin
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    Welcome to the site, Michelle! I'm sure it's fascinating and sad as well, to have some family history related to the atrocities at Auschwitz. The items you have from that era are certainly priceless and I am beyond sorry that your grandmother lost her mother at such a young age. Can't help you on your question for new information, but I certainly wish you luck.

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