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    sweetpea was the nickname of uss portland a heavy cruiser that my dad served on from '43 to'46,hence my interest in ww2 especially pacific naval actions:books,photos,artwork,film,letters,anything having to do with sweetpea.i've found out quite alot of info on the internet,that a book on the portland was written,so i bought it and read it cover to cover in no time;in it it tells of another book called "the history and times of uss portland"by heber holbrook,i cant seem to locate a copy of it if anyone knows how to find it i would be truly greatful.oh the book i did find is called "sweet pea at war a history of uss portland"i recommend it to all that are interested in naval history or ww2 in general.if anyone can recommend a web site for ww2 pacific photos,books,anything,i would sure appreciate it or specificly sweetpea even better.she was quite a ship i must say with a stellar record to back it up.my dad told me of the battles he was in and then i read about those same battles in a book or online ,it gives me goosebumps!!he was a loader on one of the aft mounted 40mm AA guns.he's been gone for 13 years now but the stories are still fresh in my head;anyway,i'm glad to be onboard with all of you people with similar interests.
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    Welcome to the forum. It's good to see a passion for a subject, and you seem to be well versed in it.

    As for the book, have you tried contacting Heber directly? He maybe able to help in locating a copy. His details are available on this site:

    United States Navy Memorial
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    Hi Sweetpea,

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    The memory of USS Portland accepting the surrender of the Japanese forces on Truk must have been something for your dad to remember.
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    Welcome Sweetpea. Glad to have you here.
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    something indeed,one thing i remember my dad telling me about the day of surrender ceremonies was that the japanese delegation had "no weapons ,not even a knife or a sword";then after he died we found a letter to my grandma that he had sent which told the whole story.they were expecting a sky full of komikasis to show up!!!
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