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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Blackwatch, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. Blackwatch

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    Hello there one and all, I am from S.E. Ohio, USA...I am a Vet and love to find pics of Aircraft and WW2
  2. Kyt

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    Welcome to the forum, Blackwatch. We've a number of members interested in aviation too.

    Tell us a bit more about yourself. What unit(s) did you serve in, when, where..... we love to hear about veterans' experiences.

    I hope you enjoy the forum.
  3. Antipodean Andy

    Antipodean Andy New Member

    Welcome, Blackwatch. Hope you enjoy it here. It's an honour to have another vet on board. Hope we've got enough aircraft pics for you!
  4. spidge

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    Welcome Blackwatch,

    Look forward to hearing a bit more about yourself.
  5. morse1001

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    Hi Blackwatch, welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy your stay with us!
  6. sgt petts

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    Hello Blackwatch, and welcome. It is a real honour to have a vet on board.

    I am looking forward to hearing about where you served.
  7. Kitty

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    welcome to the forum Blackwatch. :D
  8. Blackwatch

    Blackwatch Guest

    a brief overview

    as I read this back to myself, I am amazed and will understand those that would doubt me and mine, but these are the words and are a very brief history of me and mine....

    My great-great-great-great grandfather on my fathers side was in the Civil War from start to finish...he was one of General Grant's First Sergeant’s at the Surrender at Appomattox...on my mothers side, My great-great-great-great grandfather served with Mosby's Rangers and died late in the war from disease...

    On my wife’s side, her grandfather served in WW1 as a mechanic in Europe……
    And his brother was killed as a dispatch motorcycle rider the last day of the war by a sniper while carrying word and dispatches of the Armistice...later his brother had to ID the body after 6 months interred....

    One great uncle was Infantry in the Aleutians and survived, another was a Ranger and climbed Pont-du-hoc on D-Day, and was killed in the Battle of Hürtgen Forest.

    My father was a Navy CPO Navy flight electronics on the old DEW line Super Connie’s...they didn't issue parachutes because the Super Connie’s were so far out over the Pacific there was no to rescue them in time anyway

    I was a USAF Senior Airman stationed at Pope AFB as part of a Red Horse Team and "Prime Rib" team (light construction and heavy construction...we were to set up a fully operational airfield while under fire and to fight, if necessary, which included revetments and fuel bunkers and Tower IN 72 HOURS...later I got out and went back into the U.S. Army...I was a 11b (infantry) and 12b (combat engineer), and 54b (NBC NCOIC)...

    Since then I have worked in a wide variety of jobs as a wildcatter, wielder and worked in 3 major National Banks...My wife is a HIGHLY specialized tertiary care OBGYN Nurse….

    ...I have 4 children, two at home (Boy and Girl) and two serving (Boy and Girl) ...both that are serving are the first EVER Officers in the entire long family history, one is Air Force and one is Army...both are combat arms...

    and we, as a family in heritage and history, have served both the English Crown and the US Constitution (hence the name "Black Watch"), and I can wear the tartans if I would choose too.

    My next oldest son carries a 3.5 GPA and is to be Airborne Ranger. My youngest wants to be a Surgeon....

    We are Appalachian Scots-Irish ‘Rednecks’, to the bone...
  9. Kitty

    Kitty New Member

    Blackwatch, can you translate all of those acronyms for those of us who don't understand them (ie me!)
  10. Antipodean Andy

    Antipodean Andy New Member

    Bloody hell, makes the red Kalgoorlie dust in my veins positively primitive!

    Again, bloody good to have you join us, BW.
  11. Blackwatch

    Blackwatch Guest

    sure Kitty...which ones? and pardon me, they are a part of me and I forget many don't know....
  12. spidge

    spidge Active Member

    DEW is Distant Early Warning? (Pacific in the 50's

    Connies were Lockheed Super Constellations?

    NBC is Nuclear Biological & Chemical (warfare) ?

    (NCOIC) Non Commissioned Officer in Charge?

    OBGYN is Obstetrics, Gynecology?
  13. spidge

    spidge Active Member

    Interesting family tree Brian, you should be proud of them.
  14. Antipodean Andy

    Antipodean Andy New Member

    Right on with the Connies, Spidge.
  15. Kitty

    Kitty New Member

    Erm, all of them?
  16. Blackwatch

    Blackwatch Guest

    you won't believe this ..but my kids were 'helping me' clean out my computer...sorry for taking so long to get back...I lost the Http address
  17. Blackwatch

    Blackwatch Guest

    correct on the definitions
  18. Kyt

    Kyt Άρης

    Glad you found us again.
  19. Antipodean Andy

    Antipodean Andy New Member

    You got CPO and GPA, Kitty?
  20. Kitty

    Kitty New Member

    I know I should, but all my WW2 acronyms have been replaced by other acronyms. :(

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