hello there I'm new here and after advice

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by cjc, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. cjc

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    Hi everyone,
    I am new here and wondered if anyone could help me. I am researching Rivenhall airfield the base of the nineth USAAF. Is there anyone here who may have information or know anyone who does?

    I have written up a brief article on it and published it on Welcome to the BugleOnline. But I am now getting together lots of local data about the period that they were based there.

    I would be really grateful if there is any advice, even if it is 'no you are in the wrong forum'. :)
    Thank you for your time guys.
  2. Kitty

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    Welcome to the forum.

    First things first, what do you need to know about Rivenhall?
  3. David Layne

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  4. liverpool annie

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    Welcome !! :)

    And I Googled and came up with this cjc ...... though as Kitty says ... tell us what you really want ... though I suppose you really want to talk to men who were actually there !!

    Essex. RAF Rivenhall - USAAF Station 168
  5. cjc

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    Wow, what a wonderful and quick response. Thank you.

    Well, what I am after is not so much the dry bones, you know it was built in 1944, etc etc, I have all those sort of facts. What I am really looking for is some sort of first hand information. I found a diary online which was great from an airman based there. I contacted the webmaster but although they read my mail have not responded, all I requested was to be able to quote from the diary.

    As a social historian I am after the experiences of those who were based there. Things like where they went out to drink and how cold or warm it was. I found out yesterday that the field opposite me was used to drop all the bombs left over from a raid so they could land safely. The data is to be combined with the locals recollections of the base.

    Does any of that make sense?

    Thank you once again.
  6. liverpool annie

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    I found this picture ... then I found a letter that was a few years old ... but you maybe able to research the person and get in contact !! ..... :)

    NEN Gallery : US aircrew of Marauder 'By Golly', Rivenhall 1944

    This newspaper clipping was found by a relative of a deceased person from Madison, Wisconsin, among some papers, and could be of interest to BB He scanned it and sent it to me when trying to find more info about "By Golly" in 2003.

    It shows 42-96138 U2-C "By Golly" after it's crash landing on an allied Normandy airstrip July 9th 1944, with one engine disabled and, hydraulic reservoir hit, and severed rudder control. Another photo from this event is found on page 114 in Freeman's book "B-26 Marauder At War". The second plane piloted by Captain John Q. West, Jr.; 43-34126 U2-H, was shot down by fighters over France on August 1st 1944, MACR 9808.

    B26.COM 2005 Guest book - dedicated to Martin B-26 Marauder Men.
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    Welcome to the forum.
  8. liverpool annie

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  9. Gage

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    Hello and welcome.

    UK Airfields of the Ninth (Then and Now) by Roger A Freeman has some good pictures but the info is probably what you already know.
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    Welcome CJC.
    There are lots of friendly people with great research skills on this site.

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    Hi cjc, welcome to the forum
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    Welcome to the forum and thanks for joining
    Finally there is a member newer than me -
  13. spidge

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    Hi CJC,

    Welcome to the forum!

    Do you have any other interests in WW2?

    Just noticed that Airfield is not far from my Sister in Law in Tiptree.
  14. Antipodean Andy

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    G'day CJC, welcome aboard. I'm amazed bombs were jettisoned in a field - unless under an immediate emergency I've only heard of there being a designated area out to sea. I hope the bombs were made safe beforehand when dropping in your field!
  15. cjc

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    Thank you all for your kind welcomes and help. It really is great. And as I come up with more information, I post little updates if anyone is interested. Thank you again for your help.
  16. Kyt

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    have you contacted USAF Air University Public Portal about Station 168? They hold and/or produce the historical information about the USAAF and they may have more information for you. They are probably more forthcoming than our own governemnt about unit and airfield information because of their Fredom of Information.
  17. Antipodean Andy

    Antipodean Andy New Member

    Definitely interested, CJC. Post away, mate.

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