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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Gerard JK, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. Gerard JK

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    Hi everyone. I've not seen this site previously but there is clearly much knowledge amongst members and perhaps you may be able to assist me.

    I am seeking information about my great-uncle John Hawkins 6165 of the 9th Bn Rifle Brigade. About 5 years ago I decided to visit the WW1 battlefields with no knowledge about where he died. After reading thousands of names at Thiepval, the Menin Gate and other sites I eventually found his details commemorated on the wall in Tyne Cot Cemetery. Since then I've learned that he died (MIA) on 24th August 1917 and I recently recovered his medals from a dealer.

    John came from Wigan in Lancashire and my mother told me that he enlisted with the Lancashire Fusiliers. If possible I would love to know more about his service record and events when he died, e.g. what his Battalion were doing at the time etc.

    Any information will be much appreciated, including sources where I could go.

    Many thanks
  2. Peter T Davis

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    Welcome! Given the timing of his death, and the location, I'm guessing that he died at the Battle of Langemarck. That's really neat that you were able to find his medals, I'd love to see them if you could take pictures and post them.
  3. Peter T Davis

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  4. Alexander

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  5. Gerard JK

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    Peter, Alexander

    Thank you. Its wonderful to receive your assistance. I'll try to take a picture of the medals but they are as shown in Alexander's link plus the star. I also have a picture of John in uniform which I will post (if possible).

    Bit by bit it's helping me to build a picture. Is it possible to read the war diary for the 9th Bn.Rifle Bridage?
  6. Alexander

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  7. Gerard JK

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    That's fantastic Alexander, thank you. I've downloaded the war diary and Brigade history. Now time to read and hopefully make sense of it.

    I will upload a photo soon.

    Your help is truly appreciated.
  8. Alexander

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    'I'm 95' the regimental march of the 95th foot (Rifle Brigade) sounding 'Assembly' the 'Advance' and the march 'I'm 95':

  9. Gerard JK

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    Marvellous to listen to. Thanks

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