Hello, I'm an old US Army Espionage Operative...

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    Hopefully to come in out of the cold, soon... See my Photo Album led by one of a group photo previously secret, of Dr. "Death" Aribert Heim, (EGIS) Ministerium Fuer Staastsicherheit NAZI's Erich Mielke and Markus Wolf, and then many others! Please visit my website at Espionage matters: The life-long link between Dr. "Death" Aribert Heim, Gary Condit, and Rick A. Hyatt for an even larger album, And one (Gary Condit's Victims-For-Hire Photo Gallery - People I've known - a set on Flickr) that is specific to an on-going, yet to be brought to justice, assassination-for-hire team that is still operating in Washington, D.C.!
    Please help me to get this out to the American People before this next election, as it is EXTREMELY MILITARILY VITAL (I was given orders long ago to do this) to do so. Thank You!

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