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    Thanks you all for making me feel welcome.
    My interest in WW2 started recently – a bit of a long story.
    Here in Israel – a decision was taken to built a museum to commemorate the Jewish Warier during WW2
    The word warier was chosen to include the partisans and underground movements.
    The Museum, for which some budget has been already allocated, will be built in the memorial site of the Israeli Armoured Forces
    place called LATRUN, an ex British Mandate Police site on the way to Jerusalem.
    That site, which is one of the world largest tank museums, is managed by the Armoured Forces Association, of which I am a member.
    We are at the very beginning of a long journey – but that is how I found myself involved in the subject

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  3. liverpool annie

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    Ww2 museum

    Hi Annie,

    Yes - you got the location right - the place is huge with a beautiful park.
    I will post some better photos - or mail you if you like.
    As for the project - we just started. It will take years to build not to mention the data base collection that is needed worldwide.
    Most of the people who are involved, committies etc. do it on a voluntary basis. There is a race against time because the generation who fought WW2 is disappearing natuarly.
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    If we can help .... we'd be glad to .... just say the word !! :D
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    I know and trust me I will - THANKS :hug:
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    Theres a few "boys" on here who'll be happy to see that !! :loco:

    What kind of time frame are you looking at do you think ?? I mean how long is it going to take ? you mentioned a database ... are you looking for people or stories etc ?
  9. rolist

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    It is a bit early to say. We have selected an architect who submited a concept. We need to go through the paper work of building permits. It will take a couple of years before the openning ceremony.
    I see more urgency is collecting, what I call database. Yes - names and stroies in every country. We also will need funds - but that is for a different forum
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    Welcome to the site, I look forward to reading your posts, get stuck in to the threads mate.

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    Welcome to the forum rolist.
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    Those clips are good Rolist - thank you !

    So which comes first the chicken or the egg ?? :headhurt: ... the building or the information ??

    Annie :)
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    Welcome and enjoy !!!
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    A good question – a difficult answer.
    I will raise it during the next assembly meeting.
    My personal opinion is that the information, active web site, is more contributing to the goal than a building, no matter how nice it may be
    The architect, I can assume will have a different opinion
    I promise to report as well as ask for help/ guidance
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    The information comes first as that is on a clock that is ticking down.

    Did I say hello? I'm blonde, I forget things easily. :D
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    I am not - but still forget - HELLO
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    Welcome to the forums. Happy posting.
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    Welcome to the site, Rolist, hope you enjoy it.

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    Have you changed your name War Hawke

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