Hello everyone, from Italy!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Einadiz, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. Einadiz

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    Hello everyone, I'm new here! I'm Daniel and I'm from sunny Southern Italy.

    It's great to find such an interesting community. I'm not an expert in military history, but I'm an avid reader of stories about great battles and intense wars. I'm a Wikipedian, and my interest started there, since the Military History project on that site is one of the best around, with a great number of very passionate and knowledgeable editors. Articles regarding battles and wars are almost all really well-written and based on reliable sources.

    Long story short, one article at a time I started to be fascinated by the stories of those battles, finding out that you can feel almost like watching the plot of a movie as you read. I also started to feel a great interest for the human side of things. It's one of the few situations in which you see men constantly face danger and defy it, and it's astonishing to put yourself in their shoes and see how your heart reacts to the risk of death on one side, and the camaraderie and ideologies you fight for on the other.

    Thank you, Peter, for your kind welcome! I think I'll feel right at home here!
  2. Peter T Davis

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    Welcome! Thanks for joining!
  3. Peter T Davis

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    So, I'm curious, guessing from your avatar I would have thought you found this forum from my mentioning on CoinTalk.com. I don't recognize your username from there, though. Are you into coin collecting as well as military history?
  4. Einadiz

    Einadiz New Member

    No, I haven't found you from CoinTalk, although I am interested in coins! I'm not a collector but I love numismatics, especially about coins from the Ancient times. Which also explains why I'm not a collector, most Roman or Greek coins cost quite a bit! I've seen several at museums here in Italy and they were a wonder to behold. Do you have a large collection?
  5. Interrogator#6

    Interrogator#6 Active Member

    Chao -- have you seen this?

    1. Where Roman coins have been found in Britain
      Portable Antiquities Scheme

      Protected behind Hadrian's wall, Roman Britain flourished. The island's economy became more specialized and more integrated with the continent. The Roman empire provided its subjects with a reliable and standardized system of currency. Uniform money brings major economic benefits because cash transactions are a lot more efficient than those done by barter. This map, drawn from a database of amateur archeological finds, shows where Roman coins were found between 1997 and 2010. The fact that coins are still being found all over England and Wales, centuries after the empire's collapse, suggests just how thoroughly Romanized these territories became during four centuries of imperial rule.
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  6. Diptangshu

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    Hello and welcome aboard, Einadiz. Since I like to read anything related to the military history, I like to read the same of Italy too, since the country have a very Rich past on the subject.
    However, I may recall a couple of incidents attracted me much during the WW2, one of which was the notable Comm of the 2nd Army, Gen Ambrosio of Turin. Very long ago, some where I was reading some conflicts of his IInd Armata at the Yugoslave bordar areas. But the most important aspect of him was that he tried at his best to convince Mussolini to withdraw Italy/or to remain nutral from the War. But I think it was then just impossible for Mussolini to overcome Hitler's influencs! Other than this, withdrawal of army/troops from the East, remains notable to me.
    What I oftenly thinks that, had Italy remains Nutral during those hard days, a lot of happenings would have been observed, of which, effects upon the Africa Corps, could have seen the most.
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    Welcome aboard.

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