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Discussion in 'World War 2' started by Kyt, Oct 10, 2007.

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    Good stuff Kyt.
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    Phwoar! On the first vid, did you notice the swing being corrected right at the start? Sabre had some serious, serious torque.

    Hadn't come across that website, Kyt, thanks!

    Not many Tempests still survive unfortunately. I can think of two or three under restoration to fly but there are several static and stored...including some from India! Kermit Weeks has a Sabre-engined girl in Florida but I think she's only on static display. He has at least another one (possibly being restored with another) under resto to fly in UK. The original owner who started the restos was murdered about 10 years ago and I think they changed hands a couple times before KW go them/it. PPS rings a bell, hang on a tick...

    A quote from 2001 on Key Publishing forum:
    I last saw something about it a few months ago and by the looks of things there was still a long way to go!The fuselage had yet to be started on,with the original wartime comouflage scheme and code letters still in situ in pristine condition,even down to the hurridly-applied(and slightly wonky)D-Day stripes.
    I do know that the RAF museum aided PPS in fabricating a new set of cowling panels(very complex on a Tempest),so restoration work has atleast begun.

    I love the wonky D-Day stripes comment. Must be original!

    RAFM has one I think. However, looks like they have two:
    From Key Publishing last year:
    I know of three apart from the two at Hendon - two Mk II's under restoration by Tempest Two Ltd, and a Mk V under restoration by Personal Plane Services in Buckinghamshire

    Of course, after posting all that, you could just go here!

    The really exciting thing is we'll most likely see a Sabre and a Centaurus-engined Tempest flying in the relatively near future. Oh to hear one!

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