Have you watched Army Wives?

Discussion in 'Books and Films' started by Gin0710, Nov 5, 2014.

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    I used to watch it a lot when it was on television. It really helped me understand a lot of things I didn't while my husband was in the army. I didn't really interact with a lot of other wives at the time and was mostly on my own. I find it comforting to have a show like this.
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    No, I have never watched it, though I have heard some good things. What channel does it come on? Is it still aired? I'm always interested in seeing behind the scene stuff in regards to the military and what all their families go through. I have some friends in the military and know they go through a lot.
  3. Gin0710

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    It was on Lifetime, but the series ended a year ago. I think the last two seasons were kind poor. But the first four or five were really good. You can find it on Netflix.
  4. I watched it off and on with my wife. She was an avid fan. As the title implies, it is mainly about the women, and not so much about the soldiers and officers. I did enjoy seeing what base life is like, since I don't know anyone who has a family on the base. I was amazed by the immense size of these places. It's like a small city! The drama centers too much on non-military stories to watch (for me) on a regular basis.

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