Hattie M Raithel - AEF Base Hosp No.29 London

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    I'm looking for Hattie ... she was a nurse from Denver and died in England a week and a half before the end of the war !! :( .... she probably died of disease ... I'd really like to find out about her and where she's buried !

    Raithel, Hattie M - Nurse - Base Hosp No.29 - 2518 - 238


    Died Nov 2nd 1918 AEF Base Hosp No.29 London ( I think it's Tottenham !! )


    I found this ... also

    AEF Base Hospital No.29 was at the North East Fever Hospital in London

    I'd appreciate any help !

    Annie :)
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    It was the Fever Hospital !!


    Base Hospital No. 29 was organized at City and County Hospital, Denver, Colo., on April 5, 1917, and was mobilized at Camp Cody, N. Mex., during March, 1918. The unit trained at Camp Cody and at Camp Crane, Allentown, Pa., until July 5, 1918, when it left for Hoboken, N. J., arriving there on July 6, 1918, when it embarked on the Empress of Russia, and sailed the same date for Europe. The unit arrived in England on July 17, 1918, and was assigned to duty at North Eastern Fever Hospital, London, where it arrived on the night of July 19, 1918. It took over the hospital from the British on August 1, 1918. The hospital cared for 3,976 cases, of which 2,351 were surgical and 1,625 were medical.

    c The statements of fact appearing herein are based on the “History, Base Hospital No. 29, A. E. F.,” by the commanding officer of that hospital. The history is on file in the Historical Division, S. G. O., Washington, D. C.-Ed.

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    Plot B Row 3 Grave 9, Brookwood American Cemetery

    The ABMC have her down as 39th base hospital
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    all that the US "Soldiers of the Great War" listing has to offer is...

    RAITHEL, Hattie M., Denver., Colorado, Nurse, DIED OF DISEASE
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