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    I am Sheryl Jones, adoptive daughter of Harry E. Chrisman who was stationed in the Pacific during WWII, mainly on Christmas Island. He sent hundreds of V-Mails home, most of which are cartoons. Volume I of his cartoons will be released on November 1, 2013. I am looking for anyone who might have a cartoon Harry did for their relative who shared time in the Pacific with him. He drew hundreds of cartoons for other G. I.'s so they could send something a bit different and perhaps a bit happier to their loved ones at home. It might be a drawing as simple as a crab or gooneybird, his signature drawings while on Christmas Island. The entire v-mail may be one of Harry's cartoons. He often drew them for his fellow soldiers to send home to their children. They would be signed HEC. Please let me know if you have any of them as my publisher and I would like to put these into a future volume. Thank you.

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