Harold W. Bauer - " Indian Joe "

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    One of the finest fighter pilots the Marine Corps ever produced also had one of the shortest combat careers. Lt. Col. Harold W. Bauer, aka "The Coach" or "Indian Joe" also led a Marine Fighting Squadron (VMF-212) during the Guadalcanal campaign. Among his legendary achievements was the destruction of four Val dive bombers that were attacking the destroyer McFarland on October 16, 1942.
    Born in Woodruff, Kans., 20 November 1908, Harold William Bauer graduated from the Academy in 1930; was appointed Second Lieutenant, USMC; and designated a Naval Aviator in February 1936. He was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for extraordinary heroism and conspicuous courage as Commander of Marine Fighting Squadron 212 in the South Pacific between 10 May and 14 November 1942. Lieutenant Colonel Bauer was missing in action 14 November 1942 and officially declared dead 8 January 1946.
    Lt. Col. Harold W. Bauer - Guadalcanal Hero
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