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    Somebody asked for information about Richard ... and I'm sorry I can't remember who asked me ! :confused: but I found this ..... I hope it helps !!

    Serjeant 6473, 2nd Battalion, Manchester Regiment. Died 23rd April 1915. Aged 36. Husband of Lucy J. Hamblett, of 38, Selby St., Warrington. Buried in Chester Farm Cemetery, Ref. I A 12 A.

    Born – Warrington
    Enlisted – Fleetwood
    Residence – Warrington
    How Died – Killed in Action
    Theatre of War – France & Flanders

    Richard’s birth was registered in the March quarter of 1881 in Warrington, Volume 8c, Page 199.

    In the 1891 census, the Hamblett family are shown to be living at 13 Dutton Street, Warrington and comprises parents Richard (40, a bricklayer), his wife Ann (38) and children Mary Jane (19), James (18), John (12), Richard (10), Frederick (8) and Sarah (5).

    By 1901, Ann is widowed and the family live at 9, Ellesmere Street, Warrington. There is an additional daughter Annie (9). Richard, now aged 20, is shown to be a Wire Rope Maker.

    On the 4th August 1914, the 2nd Battalion of the Manchester Regiment were based in Ireland and at 5.25pm they received orders to mobilise for active service. As part of the 14th brigade, 5th Division they left Ireland on the 13th August and arrived at La Havre on the 16th/17th.

    They spent the next few months in the thick of the action, taking part in Battles of The Marne and Aisne, before the establishment of the trench lines and the beginning of the trench warfare which became so well known.

    January 1915 saw the battalion back in billets at Dranoutre, being brought back up to strength with drafts from England. In the following months there was little activity but casualties continued to mount up as the battalion took its turn in the line.

    In April the division moved to a sector on the Ypres front, taking a line east of the mound at St Eloi to the western end of Armagh wood, in preparation for the attack on Hill 60. The attack on Hill 60, which came to be known as the Second Battle of Ypres continued for three weeks. It was in this fighting that Richard Hamblett was killed. His body was recovered from the battlefield and he rests in Chester Farm Cemetery.

    The Warrington Guardian of 1st May 1915 reported,

    Richard is remembered here !

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    I researched Richard Hamblett, as he is remembered on the memorial in Sacred Heart RC Church in Warrington, which is just over the road from the Crosfields memorial pictured on Martin's Roll of Honour site, to which you have posted a link above. The information shown above is the result of that research. Where did you come across this?

    Attached is Richard's picture from the Warrington Guardian (as dated in your post)

    Annie - if you find who asked for the information on Richard, point them in my direction and I can provide high resolution copies of this image and the other information I gathered.

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    Hi Stephen !

    I got it from the Roll of Honour .... here .......


    I'm sorry I thought I had posted the source ! .... this must be your research ...... I still don't know who asked me ... but I'll certainly send them your way when I find out !!

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    No problem Annie - if you look at that page on Martin's Roll of Honour, you'll see that it was a contribution of mine from laet year :D
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    Now I see it !! ...... :rolleyes:
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    Hi Stephen,

    Richard Hamblett was my Great Grandfather James' younger brother.
    My father and I have just returned from visiting the Ypres area where we were able to locate his grave largely as a result of information from your research.

    I am intrigued to learn that you could have a high resolution image of Richard Hamblett and possibly more information about him.

    Kind regards


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