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    Jean-Claude Duvalier finally went to meet the 10 star general in the sky.
    I'm not real sure if this block is the place for this thread, but the block is called conflict, and frankly, I'm having a conflict.
    Duvalier was overthrown in ( I believe) 1986 and carried to France in a C-141 on the American dime. He returned to Haiti in 2011.
    But here's the kicker. Jean-Claude and his dad were responsible for nearly 20,000 Haitian deaths. That's not counting the folks who starved to death, had aids and died, ect. That's the folks who died in prison, were executed, tortured to death, or anyone else who opposed the regimes. But yet, for some reason he's been kissin' cousins with the U.S. and France. I thought we didn't party with murderers. I wonder who the U.S. will send to his funeral.
    Okay....time to take my pill now. The next thing we know, some voodoo queen will bring him back as a zombi or something.
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    In the late 1970s A friend danced at Place Pigalle in Miami Beach. One night she had a few drinks with Baby Doc. The Duvaliers were not good guys, but they had the Tonton Macoute and there were plenty of other bad guys in the Carribean. Perhaps that is why the U.S. was friendly to him. Notice that he returned to Haiti after the Earthquake. Perhaps he loved his country, for all his faults.
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    The reason he gave for going back was indeed because of the earthquake. He said that possibly he could help out. But others thought that he really went back to grab his stash, and others said he would take back over again.
    Pres. Carter was pretty chummy with the guy. He said that Jean-Claude wasn't as bad as his dad soooo ...go guess. If I remember correctly, Jimmy C. was a huge human rights activist.
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