Gunner Vernon Samuel Dickinson - Canadian Field Artillery

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    In Memory of

    348804, 3rd Bde., Canadian Field Artillery
    who died age 21
    on 27 April 1918
    Son of Samuel S. and Margaret J. Dickinson, of Port Hope, Ontario.

    Remembered with honour

    Vernon Samuel Dickinson was born in Port Hope 03 July 1897. He attended the common school, private schools and Trinity College School, but his attention could not be kept on the books with the exception of writing and drawing. He was a natural mechanic and could make anything, constructing a wireless telegraphic outfit at his home from which messages could be plainly heard from Toronto. He was compelled to take the outfit down when war was declared. He was generous to a fault and would give his last penny to a friend. He was very anxious to enlist and coaxed his mother for months to get her consent. He signed up with the R.C.H.A. Kingston in February 1916 and sailed for England on the S.S. Olymphic. In a very short time, he was sent to France where, in the fall of 1916, he, as a signaller in the 12th Battery, was wounded at Passchendaele. He was sent to the hospital at Etaples and on his recovery was returned to the lines. He was again wounded and admitted to the hospital at Etaples 09 April, where he died 27 April 1918. Full particulars could not be obtained owing to hostile aircraft bombing the hospital and destroying the records. His place of burial is presumed to be in the cemetery adjoining Etaples, France.

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