Guillemont Road Cemetery

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    Guillemont Road Cemetery is located two miles north of Hardecourt on the north side of the Guillemont to Montauban Road. The cemetery was begun by fighting units, mainly the Guards Division and Field ambulances after the Battle of Guillemont and was closed in March 1917. It then contained 121 burials. It was greatly increased after the war by the concentration of 2,139 graves most from the July to September fighting of 1916. The cemetery now contains 2,259 of which the majority 1,523 are unknown. The cemetery is the third largest in the British Somme sector. The only cemetery of any size from which British graves were brought to Guillemont Road cemetery was from Hardecourt Village French Military Cemetery, that had five men from the Royal Artillery buried in September 1916 and 14 men buried after the 9th Royal Fusiliers captured Hardecourt on the 28th August 1918. The original burials are just to the left inside the gate way, they include some well known names from the period including Lt Raymond Asquith- the Prime ministers son and Lt Hon Edward Wyndham Tennant. By far the Kings Liverpool Regiment appear to have the most headstones, this shows the sacrifice the City of Liverpool suffered during the fighting for Guillemont in all 12 Battalions of the Kings Regiment took part in the fighting

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