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Discussion in 'Revolutionary War' started by Patriot, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. Patriot

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    I recently perused Long, Obstinate & Bloody: The Battle of Guilford Courthouse ,by Babits & Howard. Looked promising. Has anyone read this title?


    Mike Peters
  2. The General

    The General New Member


    I have. It's really an outstanding tactical study, something that was LONG overdue.

  3. Patriot

    Patriot New Member


    Much obliged my friend!

    Mike Peters
  4. Mason Dixon

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    Re: L.O.B. reviewed on C-SPAN Washington Journal

    Last August on a visit to Raleigh from Delaware I made a shot visit to Guilford to shoot some video including the Pyle's defeat monument on the Alamance. I had obtained the book the day before at the NC museum of history & finished it om the plane home. Back home I bought Babbit's Devil Of A Whipping, about the Cowpens precursor to the Dan retreat. Both books where so good...

    I re-read Cowpens in December when I had the privledge of reviewing Long Obstinate & Bloody Christmas Day live on C-SPAN WASHINGTON JOURNAL!!! In Febuary I re-read the new Guilford work to get a better feel for the climate, so to speak. I will return to these studies again & again. Also I discovered a new Flight From Monticello, by Kranish, which sort of picks up the story of Cornwallis invading Virginia after his mauling at Guilford.

    So I'm doing research myself about Robert Kirkwood, the company commander of the reorganized Delaware Line after Camden (SC). Biographical info is scarce. Looking for a copy of his order book. Any leads or assistance would be welcomed at <>
  5. bschulte

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    I read and reviewed this for TOCWOC a few years back. I was surprised at how few sources werre available for some portions of the battle. It is amazing how much more information is available for Civil War battles than for Revolutionary War ones.

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