Greetings from Nairobi, Kenya.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by headmaster, Sep 10, 2014.

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    My name is Andrew from Kenya. I am married with two children. My maternal grandfather fought in WWI and use to give us tales of his action in Burma. I hope to get a lot of info from this site.

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    Hello Andrew, welcome aboard. It is very interesting to read here in this good Forum that your maternal grandpa served in Burma during WW1 ! A very good numbers of units/regis served there in Burma, under Burma Divi. ie., a static formation of the British Indian Army, under the command of 1st Earl Kitchener, during WW1.
    As you know, during the Great War as well as the WW2, Burma Sect is regarded as a Tale of tales, a Struggle of many as well as a Battle front of many battle fronts ! If pos'bl tell us something about your maternal grandpa's, because there are not many handy readables of those great days, thanks.

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