Greetigs to all from the mountains of Wales

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    Greetings to all from the mountains of Wales

    Well I'm new in here and I suppose a bit of an introduction is needed. I live in Wales (UK), and I am an archaeologist that specializes in Iron Age and Roman Britain, with a keen interest in the Roman army. The reason for my interest in WW2 (most aspects of military history in all honesty), can be blamed on both my grandfathers. My Welsh grandfather served in the final year of WW1 (Royal Welch), and survived all 6 of WW2, serving in France 1940, N. Africa and France 1944 for a second stint, until his Sherman had a unpleasant meeting with a 75mm shell somewhere in Belgium; where he lost a leg. My Italian grandfather fought in Spain 1937-39 (unfortunately for the winning side). Was demobbed and later re-enlisted in 1940. He served with the Littorio Division that was attached to Italian 8th Army and saw action in Russia. I am one of very few Welsh people that can claim that one of my grandparents fought at Stalingrad, and yes he survived the slaughter during Operation Little Saturn. In 1943 he was stationed in Monte Negro and after the surrender/capitulation of Italy he went partisan and fought the Germans. By 1945 he was in Southern Italy and was again part of the Royal Italian Army fighting alongside the British.

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    Welcome to the forums. Happy posting.:)
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    Welcome Raff, I hope you enjoy your time with us. I am a big fan of Timeteam
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    Welcome to the forum Raff,

    Must ditto John as I am a fan of Time Team also. "An old world is lurking just beneath the surface".

    Do you have a particular interest in WW2 besides the family or does the extra "f" in Raff give us a clue?


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    Hello and welcome.
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    Welcome and enjoy !!!
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    The name Raff is a shortened version of my name Raffael, and yes I do have 2 big interests in WW2, the Eastern Front and tanks, tanks and more tanks.
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    Hi Raff,

    Welcome to the forum
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    Thought your name might have an RAF flavour.

    Look forward to some interesting threads on the Eastern Front.


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    We'll have to work at converting you to a bird lover then :becky:

    Welcome to the forum Raff
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    Welcome aboard, Raff. Hope you enjoy it here. A wonderful and incredibly varied family history you have there.

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