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    Hello everybody I have joined this forum in the hope of finding information about My Great Uncle. MY Gran gave me some photographs before she died, one was a photograph of Vince. I list his details below:

    My hope is to keep his memory alive.......Lest WE forget.

    My Great Uncle Vincent William Jones was killed in action during the second world war.

    Despite many hours spent looking on the Internet and researching through history books, I cannot find any details of his death or other members of his company.

    The facts I have managed to ascertain are the following:

    Vince was 26 born in 1914. Lived in Saugall Massey his mothers maiden name was Massey. Older brothers Charlie and Bill.

    He died on the 24th or just after on April 1941.

    Probally in "operation Demon" which was the evacuation of Allied Troops from Greece.

    He was a Sapper in the Royal Engineers 3rd field company Cheshire's.

    There is a memorial to him and other members of the 3rd field company, RME, in Athens. It can be seen on the Common Wealth Graves web site. Most of the field company on the Athens memorial site, appear to be other young soldiers from the Wirral.

    Is there any body still alive from the 3rd field company Cheshire's, who were in Greece? or do us anyone have any information regarding the 3rd field company's activities in this "Greek Tragedy." ?

    Blessings Gideon
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    There appear to be 60 Royal Engineers lost on that date and listed on the Athens Memorial, which seems to imply thatthey were lost during the evacuation, possibly a lost ship.

    Just been looking at the loss of the Hellas on that date, where between 500 and 700 were lost, but it seems to been occuppied by mainly civilians and other units.

    There is a 3 Field Squadron Association - have you tried them?

    3 Field Squadron RE

    Also worth contacting the RE museum, who should have the Offical Histories:

    Royal Engineers Museum and Library official web site - Welcome (Index and Home) page
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    Ships lost

    The S.S.Hellas is given as lost on the 24th, but there are other possibilities. S.S.Santa Clara sunk on the 23rd. S.S.Pennland sunk on the 25th.

    Enquiries were made into casualties from all three ships which are in recently opened Files at T.N.A.
    S.S.Hellas in WO361/146, S.S.Santa Clara in WO361/167, S.S.Pennland in WO361/183.

    The files contain questions to anyone who survived asking if they had any knowledge of missing personnel,and any answers they gave.
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    Ships Lost


    Santa Clara should read Santa Clara Valley.
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    Hello Gideon,

    Welcome aboard.


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    Hi Gideon, good to have you here. Looks like Kyt and Brian are well on their way to helping oyu out.

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