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    I was just reading a bit about the 16th century Korean admiral, Yi Sun-sin. His achievements when vastly outnumbered are nothing short of remarkable. Why hadn't I heard of him before? Even the wiki article compares him to Nelson. It seems he was constantly short of supplies, men, and ships while also facing considerable opposition from the political leadership. Nevertheless, he was never defeated in a major naval action.

    Is it because most naval historians are focused on European and American commanders that Yi Sun-sin is so little-known? Or is there some other aspect of his performance or leadership which diminishes his accomplishments?
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    I'd never heard of him but I'm no naval historian and actually know very little about Korean history in general. He sounds like quite a leader and innovator. Those "turtle ships" look interesting, too.
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    Never actually heard of him mate.
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    Yes, the "turtle ships" seem like they were awesome. Almost like something out of a movie. So not only was this guy a master naval tactician and strategist, but also an innovator of military technology.
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