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Discussion in 'Looking for someone' started by Gary, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. Gary

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    I'm looking for info on my Grandfathers military service in the British Army during WW1. He survived the war and the familiy immigrated to Australia in the 1960's where he died in the 1980's and the family has very few details about his war service. Specifically I would like to find out which Regiment he was in and what medals may have been awarded. His known details are; Marmaduke Sydney Hegarty, DOB 17 Nov 1898, born in Deptford London. He almost never used his first name and would have used Sydney/Sidney ? as his first name. At that period he always lived in the Deptford/Greenwich area of London. I remember him telling me he fought in the Ypres area, was hospitalised with shrapnel wounds for a period and mum seems to think he was in the TA before going to war.

    I have a copy of a tattered 'postcard' type photo of a goup of soldiers including my grandfather. There are two sergeants with blackened buttons and cap badges that could possibly be the Rifle Brigade or one of the London Rifle Battalions. However the rest of the group are not wearing caps but have brass buttons and brass shoulder titles which could be 'TA' or 'TR'. A preliminary search of the National Archives has turned up nothing conclusive, there is a medal card for a Sydney Hegarty which may be him?

    Any help would be appreciated
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    Hi Gary and welcome !

    Looks like somebody else is looking for him too !! .... except I can't get the whole message as I can't connect with the url !!

    There's two medal cards for Sydney Hegarty .... but it looks like the first one maybe yours by your description .... any chance you could post the photo ..... ??

    Medal card of Hegarty, Sydney

    Rifle Brigade 425697 Private
    London Regiment 425697 Private

    Medal card of Hegarty, Sydney

    Liverpool Regiment 5156 Private
    Liverpool Regiment 356585 Private

    Annie :)
  3. Gary

    Gary New Member

    Thanks for the info, the details on the first medal card fits my grandfather but again is not conclusive. I'll get the photo scanned and post it, that might help. Not sure who the other person is that's looking for our side of the family, I'll have to look into that!

  4. liverpool annie

    liverpool annie New Member

    Hi Gary !

    It's been awhile and I was wondering if you'd had any luck yet ?? :)


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